Corporate skills, corporate control

A popular topic in the popular Canadian media is a supposed ‘skills gap,’ summed up in a recent Toronto Star article as ‘People without Jobs — Jobs without People.’ The article states that as older workers are starting to retire and younger people are staying in school longer the proportion … read more

Heads I win, tails you lose

The rhetoric of government officials about economic policies often has a ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ logic. When it comes to supporting regular people through the social safety net, supporters of such policies are chastised because such policies are contrary to the market system. For example, one of the … read more

Crumbling infrastructure

Infrastructure in Canada and the U.S. appears to be crumbling faster than it’s being maintained. I imagine it’s the same in Europe. While this crumbling infrastructure poses immediate threats to human life, if also threatens the long-term health of human communities. Bridges, sidewalks, freeways, utility systems and other vital infrastructure is … read more

Cultural Economy

The name is no better than political economy, both overly restricted in their scope. But, it shares the short-hand convenience, references the tradition of political economy, while indicating a difference in approach.


Thoroughly out of my depth, but where my mind goes nonetheless. Every social scientist should grapple with questions of methodology, epistemology and ontology.